Voluntary Teaching


The road to end educational inequity is long and we cannot do this on our own. If you are passionate about our vision and have a certain number of hours a week to put in, you can volunteer with Fellows in their classroom or with different departments on staff.

‘Learning by Doing’ is something we aim to inculcate in our students.┬áTo keep the spirit alive students have taken initiatives to involve themselves into activities that continuously challenge them to Learn and Do every day.


Our students aim at awakening the students and enable them to use modern day technology. GAV gladly reaches out to school(s) at lots of places to focus on enhancing students computer and other elementary skills, thus preparing them to face the outer world more confidently.

volunteer teaching at GAV

Let’s Communicate Better

Better communication skills lead to healthy self-esteem and enhanced job prospects. Some of our senior students have come forward to conduct sessions after college hours for those juniors who are willing to learn the nuances of communication.

Being Computer Savvy

The world of Information Technology is vast. There is always something new to learn. One feels joy in exploring efficient ways to work with computers. Sharing keyboard shortcuts, fast internet browsing, troubleshooting are some of the topics that students discuss and learn from one another.

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